Sailing Yacht

SV Souls sailing all-around the worl: Ep one

SV Souls is all-around the entire world, this week she’ll deliver you to the west coastline of France
Souls is sailing all-around the entire world and make sailing and diving experience, a single video clip for each week.

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  1. do you know the size of your propelor and the prop shaft

  2. Very nice boat! Keep the videos coming.

  3. Why did you NOT paint any Anti-foul where the pads were at once the boat was lifted ?

  4. Beneteau?

  5. love your sailing video guys . I will try to look out for yr news ones
    . Have you shared any them on ? Hope so … the members of that Sailing social network love sailing adventure videos ( + its Free ) .

  6. Looking forward to more videos!

  7. much better edit 😉 good luck and hope to see you out there someday


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