Sailing Yacht

Restoring a Sailboat: Fiberglass and wood rot demolition! (Sailing Wanderlust) Ep nine

We rip out the fiberglass on the transom finish and demolish the sailboat further more…they say ‘it gets even worse just before it gets better’.

Reality has struck and it seems that our timeline might be dragged out by a several much more months…appears to be like like it will be March 2018 just before we get this infant all set for her initial sail.

We are continue to energized about this job and the troubles carry on to drive us.

Tony & Arvin

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  1. Happy Holidays; good video. Something to keep in mind is that fasteners are often where rot starts and need to be removed before starting with a chisel. Also, keep a second chisel for the finishing up work. That one you showed has been pounded into a mess by hitting screws. The job will go way faster with more care and a sharp chisel. Lots of vids to show how to get a razor edge on a chisel. Less banging and more cutting. Also, using a proper mallet is way easier on the hands and wrists than a hammer meant for setting nails. Slow and steady will get you there.

  2. Keep at it, will be worth it in the end, great job, videos improving!

  3. I am impressed by your positive attitude to your project, even when you discover more rot and more things to attend to. You're doing great and you both are a great inspiration, at least to me! I would however recommend sharpening that chisel, it will make a huge difference to progress…!
    Merry xmas and a happy new year to both of you from Norway!

  4. Crikey,…that was a while ey ? Good to see another upload, thumb's up and happy holidays btw you legends 👍.


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