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Fishing 17+ several hours offshore Crucial Largo | Beer Battered Fish Capture N Prepare dinner

We really don’t come property until eventually there is meat on the boat. Darren and I operate offshore and hunt for swordfish, deep fall for grouper and patch reef for snapper.
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*Electric powered Reel/Rod*
Diawa Tanacom one thousand Electric powered Reel –
Daiwa Saltiga Deep Drop Rod –
Daiwa Saltiga Boat Braided Line –
Deep fall fat –
Deep fall rig –

*Verticle Jigging Reel/Rod*
Reel SpinFisher V6500 –
SSV3080S66 Fast Motion Rod –

*Trolling Reel/Rod* (i love love love the shimano tld25, have 2)
Shimano TLD25 –
Star Rod –

*Inshore/Patchreef Reels* (all rods are just regular shares)
Penn Batttle II 3000 –
Penn Fierce II –

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My knife sharpening stone –
My favorite entice inshore and even offshore (use just 1 massive J hook when using offshore) –
Massive arsh dive flag for affordable –

***My boat is a 236cc Crucial Largo Center Console w/ a 200HP Mercury Saltwater Collection.
***They no lengthier make these boats so she’s a traditional forever and at any time.

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In this video:
On this excursion we start off out EARLY. We wake up at 5am here in Crucial Largo and get ready to go offshore for swordfish. Ever considering that my very first swordfish I have been imagining about landing the monster swordfish. I also maintain imagining about that catch n prepare dinner I did. But do not dread! As you see in this films title it is indeed a catch and prepare dinner!

We operate out of taverneir creek which is just south of key largo florida. I actually place gas into the boat and oil at the tavernier creek marina. Now my boat is entire of gas and she is ready to go fishing offshore out in the Atlantic.

Out at floyds wall we deep fall for swordfish. Heaps and lots of dropping the deep fall rig down and bringing it up. Man time confident flies quickly out here way offshore in the atlantic. The north side of floyds wall is in which I caught my very first swordfish so we hope to catch a next.

Then we move to the key largo humps to some figures I acquired from I am joyful I have those people figures because there are some MONSTER fish there. You will see what I necessarily mean by monster fish. But as the sunlight is practically down we make your mind up to cease at the key largo patch reefs. Man i am currently hungry at this place just imagining about some beer battered fish.

We mark fish on the sonar and anchor in about fifty-sixty ft of water. Change on the boat lights and start off to chum. We catch lots of yummy snapper which we will change into some beer battered fish in this catch n prepare dinner episode.

Wow these days was a tremendous prolonged working day of fishing out of Crucial Largo Florida. We really don’t get cooking until eventually about 1-2am. We are tremendous fatigued but will go fishing once again tomorrow morning and it will be yet another catch and prepare dinner!

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  1. Florida Sport Fishing has a whole seminar on daytime swordfishing

  2. Over here in Louisiana to catch mangroves we hook up next to the rigs and free line little pinfish and catch hogs all day long, you guys rig fish over there?

  3. Why do you not just chum the waters about 20 feet deep around a reef, and catch you a bunch of Snapper?

  4. Bad knottttssss

  5. I just cracked my phone. Your channel is the only reason why I even get on YouTube really. Don't mind me if I show up at your doorstep in the "islands" in a bit because I can't go an upload without watching you. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK BRO!!!!!👌👌👌

  6. I’m not trieing to be a smart alack but u know u tie your jugs on backwards the orange one

  7. Long day man

  8. Tell you why your channel is one of my favorites. It is because you not only post videos of good catches but also, you show your miss attempts, your break-offs, your troubles. You show real life as it happens even when your videos run long ( which to me is an advantage really) Keep'em coming, especially the long videos. Much love from your backyard. ( Homestead FL)

  9. Dude. Edit ur videos why is this a hour long??

  10. I’ve been watching your videos for about a week now and overall really enjoy them. The one thing I’ve noticed, however, is that you very much dislike buying fuel. Lol. So I have a few tips on how you can save some gas and money.

    1. Try trimming your engine up a bit while underway. This will help because you will notice your speed and rpm increase therefore allowing you to let of the throttle a bit to maintain the same speed as before

    2. Consider purchasing a gas caddy or just a few fuel cans and filling up on land. If you are concerned about the ethanol, (Which I wouldn’t be because how often you use your boat) just use a stabilizer, such as sta bil to counter balance the ethanol. Then if you are low after a while fill up at the dock.

    This is just my advice but heck, what do I known I’m only 14 but these are things I’ve learned over the years of boating/fishing from my father and neighbors.
    Great vid btw

  11. Cool video man, but just a suggestion/question: Could you put time stamps in these larger videos in the description?

  12. Your channel is pretty bad ass I must admit, and the reason I’ve been asking a couple questions about your engine is because I have a mercury 150 that has been giving me problems left and right. It’s a 2001 and I know exactly what problems you had with yours. It’s pretty nerve-racking, but unfortunately, just like you, I would love to have a new engine but they’re so damn expensive right now.

    Oh and what do you think about using OptiMaxx oil over the penzoil? I read a ton of stuff saying the OptiMaxx oil is legit but then again the Pennzoil seems to work as well. Just curious,

  13. Man that looks so fun and relaxing cooking burgers on a boat at night

  14. Guessing this is going to be another good video ;P keep it up even though i can't go saltwater I love watching catch n cooks and learning new things

  15. Relatively new sub but ive watched most of your videos! keep up the good work and happy fishing!

  16. Been waiting for a new upload.

  17. I was waiting for you to post for so longggg. But of course I can understand it’s because of family and holidays


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