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Fantastic White Shark Swims by Fishing Boat || ViralHog

Occurred on December 31, 2017 / Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

“My father and I had been fishing 1-mile off Semaphore Seaside. Although fishing, I manufactured a joke to my father about how it’d be neat to see a shark in open waters. About 10-20 minutes afterwards, a huge terrific white popped up and luckily for us I managed to get my digicam out in time. The footage is superior but doesn’t compensate the monsters true dimension. When it swam under our boat, the head was at the entrance and the tail of the shark came again to the finish of the boat which was five.5m prolonged. That makes the shark five.five meter – 6 meters prolonged. We had to swiftly get the crab nets in and our burley to make certain it did not get our machines tangled. We waited for it to leave and continued fishing and crabbing. We then bagged out on blue swimmer crabs.”

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  1. Holy crap, best videoon earth

    Waiting for more!

  2. Stick your arm in the water and wave to it

  3. Poke his eye out and spit some tobacco juice in the socket. POS

  4. Monster. Got to be carful around great whites. Nothing to play with.

  5. "Don't Swear and Don't leave over the boat" ….. Dad's are always on duty , no matter how old their Sons are ! Lucky day out on the water , to see that big unit !

  6. Why didn’t you reach down to pet that shark LOL 😂 He’s a friendly happy shark looking for Hugs and kisses LOL 😂

  7. Why is there a shark in the ocean?!

  8. nice great big Shark day hello ti boat, this is so funny damn

  9. nice


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