Sailing Yacht

8] Sailboat Christening Bash! | Abandon Comfort – Sailboat Restoration

Meet up with Luci. Our household, our shortly-to-be office, and our everyday living. We experienced such an amazing time with our close friends and we hope you loved the celebration! As of suitable now, we are SO close to our 1st Patreon intention and as shortly as we hit it our 2-week notices are becoming submitted. We are actually around the moon, THANK YOU. We simply cannot wait to have the privilege of calling this our “jobs”!!

In August we’ll be developing weekly episodes – Thanks to our AC Crew!

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Advised Equipment

Photo voltaic GENERATOR
Moveable 12V FRIDGE
Intelligent SHORE Power
HANDHELD Highlight

ORANGE FLOATY Matter (Hardrive)

[Advised Studying List]:
A DREAMERS Should Read through
Aspiration Design & FRUGALITY
Should Read through In advance of Acquiring A BOAT
GO Smaller, GO NOW
Exciting & Quick SAILING Read through

With Love,
Ryan & Kelsey



  1. I'm not a fan of glass in the water. But what's done is done. You could silence your critics on this by showing in future videos how you are doing environmentally friendly stuff. Keep doing what makes you happy!

  2. Oh this glass oh throw it in the water

  3. Cursed the bottle didnt brake

  4. Congratulations.  Great name.

  5. Hopefully you are not going around the world unarmed. Make sure you are both well trained and able to defend yourselves. Once outside of the shores of the Americas you Will be international travelers to loose your boat and belongings you would be able to replace but your life is your precious asset protect it and defend it. Plus your new furry companion will grow to be an old sea dog once he gets his sea legs.

  6. Life is grand! No regrets!

  7. Great wine brand. The dark one is best.

  8. fuckin SEAL yo

  9. I hate to say it but it's bad luck if the bottle doesn't break the first time.

  10. you can not drink wine and champagne with paper cuo and don't forghet to est something with it otherwise you get drunk. Here it's a how we do in Italy

  11. 7:38 I didn't like that.

  12. Congratulations on christening your lovely boat! you are going to have such a wonderful time as you truly live your lives in the moment, and under the power nature provides…..What could be better than experiencing life like this?!?!

  13. This makes me think of a movie where there's a bunch of good looking people who take off on a seemingly simple boat trip and everything goes terribly wrong.

  14. Should have called her Comfortable Abandon.

  15. You can tell there are a few military guys on the boat with the "Make a hole!" repeated down the line lol.

  16. soft cow cant do it lol

  17. HOLY F**K!!! Why don't we all just calm the fu*k down!!! Glass is silica, sand is a grain size, nothing more. A lot of sand is near pure silica or quartz (SiO2) which is pretty much the same damn thing. They were having pretty much ZERO freakin environmental impact over a little glass out in the water. There are incredibly beautiful beaches consisting nearly solely of stunning mechanically weathered glass, smooth as can be. Some could argue that by dropping that glass in the water, they are ADDING to the beauty of a beach somewhere in 30 or so years. do some research dumbasses and stop being such fu*king weenies about the littlest of things. While you are at it, pick a spot in the ocean on google maps, then zoom the fuck out and LEARN how INSIGNIFICANT a few shards of glass are.

    Great videos all of them!

    One of these days I hope to have such courage to live life as desired instead of the keyboard cowboy wannabes that all us commenters are.

  18. christen to Jesus

  19. Check out this video, I hope this will help you think twice bout breaking and throwing out glass in the water.

  20. It's a really bad omen and bad luck for the champagne bottle to not break when it hits the hull. The Costa Concordia bottle didnt break, and you see where that got them.


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