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How To Watertight FPV Digicam for a Rc Fishing Boat Cheap Diy Assignments

How To Watertight FPV Digicam creating all in one with an FPV process that matches in a Go Professional Case creating it safe and sound to use up & underwater

The charge of creating this low cost watertight all in one FPV Digicam is only 22 dollars

you might believe positioning a Mini VTX in a closed off Go Professional Case with no air cooling might hurt the VTX but in the course of my exams of each individual 1 hour for each day for a several months prolonged failed to exhibit any complications of overheating, of study course, I won’t be able to say of yours VTX is alright for this Diy Task

At the very least your camera whilst have a for a longer time existence on your Rc Fishing Boat with watertight defense than with no…it only requires One Crash and you have Magic Smoke on the h2o

Iff you happen to be however Scared of overheating your VTX than you can always put the FPV Digicam underwater and get h2o cooling as prolonged iff the antenna come’s out of the h2o you however get a sign but it can be risky iff your not certain it can be 100% watertight!

The elements that you will need are a low cost FPV Digicam, five.8Ghz Mini VTX, Polarized antenna, Go Professional Case, JST plug, VTX Cable, Heat Shrink and Watertight Epoxy

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you start off to dry match the Rc Electronics in the Case and make certain you however can Switch the Wires of the Digicam & VTX just after you Epoxy them into put

Mark the put in which you want to drill and start off with 1 a 2mm drill little bit performing your way up to a five.5mm drill little bit that give you a great restricted match you also will need a 3mm hole for the wires that source ability

Subsequent action minimize the wires to the proper length and pre-tin them and insert warmth shrink + will not ignore to thrust them via the hole in the go professional case ahead of soldering all collectively we exhibit in the video

Subsequent action is to exam your Diy Watertight FPV System iff it however operates ahead of you Epoxy it into put

When you happen to be ready, make certain you open up doorways and home windows and have enuff Epoxy than positioning it all over the openings and cracks and give it 5min to dry

Previous and Final action install on to your Rc boat or vehicle and exam how excellent it operates up & underwater

It truly is a excellent process to use for your Rc Fishing Boat offering you the reside video observing up Near when the Fish attack and make it tremendous easy to capture lot’s of fish in one day and in joy the wonders of the underwater entire world

Iff you have any Questions then please depart them down underneath in the remark portion and I get again to you

This is pleased flyer wishing you pleased traveling
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  1. Youre badass man thank you

  2. Awesomeness!!
    Great idea!!

  3. Hi can you help I've got Eachine TX 526 transmitter and like yours board camera Hd transmitter got 5 wires black white yellow black red from left to right but on camera only 3 wires I've tried yellow to yellow red to red black to black other red black.for.power I don't get pictures at all I've seen your boat with waterproof camera etc but couldn't make out how wired it not red to red etc can you helpany thanks cheers

  4. That's a neat idea for your FPV system! Great How To! Thumbs up!

  5. im defintly doing this build

  6. Nice one, I use my action cam for fpv.. And my smaller aio cams.. Have spare waterproof cases like this so may try this out myself.. Subbed to you a course weeks ago.. Feel free to stop by and check out mine.. Cheers 🙂👍

  7. This is outstanding! I will for sure be trying this in the future! Thumbs up!

  8. Nice idea!


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