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We set off SAILING Across an OCEAN for the FIRST TIME from Cape Town to Barbados. It’s the first leg of our circumnavigation and the first time cruising on a sailboat for the two girl crew! This week we sail from Walvis Bay, Namibia most of the way to St Helena Island. At last, this is a sailing Vlog, documentary style, from a reasonably priced catamaran !

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Our plan is sailing around the world and we are making a sailing documentary each week, for beginners and old salts alike.

Almost every cruiser these days has a cat or wants a cat, but the fact is, few can afford them. Here at Luckyfish Gets Away we believe that cruising has always been about the performance, not the stage. We try to keep our platform simple and sustainable, so we can max out on experiences.

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Love Stew, Zaya and Tuya !

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None of this would have been possible without the love of sailing from fellow sailors. That pretty much covers it.

And for the music, a THANK YOU to the Creatives at:

00:00 Max Noremo –Festival (Title Track) (

01:14 Doug Maxwell – A Good Day on the African Plains

03:36 Epidemic Sound

08:54 Maxzwell Beats – Flume (

17:11 Tatono – Revolving Feeling (



  1. I finally have done it I am a Patreon!!!! Calm sea and fresh breeze. Love you all

  2. I would totally sautee-up that squid 10:51 !

  3. Is that the old Delos music at the start?

  4. Thank you for yet another episode.
    Which countries do you plan to visit in the pacific?
    Which one of them is your girlfriend?

  5. The food  looks good – lucky man , looks like 'sho pow' 

    Did you figure out the that hull lashing – looked like quite a bit of motion going there.

      Here is what I like about your channel ; Good sub-title and potential to learn ?Mongolian I am guessing …
    Nice music – not over done.
    This is a Catamaran – I like your boat and multihulls are great .
    So far I have not heard the 'f' word, and that is refreshing – so feel good about showing my son your videos as well.
    and last but not least – You guys look like you are out there to have fun and are not forgetting that is most important  !
    Cheers  !

  6. I just tuned in and like your style .
    hats off for first time go getters  !
      Great crew or mates ,  I also prefer female mates aboard , hope to see many more videos you guys – take good care out there .

  7. I love it with the language translations, also the video style thankyou

  8. I would guess a lucky fish is one who gets away, very nice. No Mongolians ever…?

  9. watched a second time just to support. tight sails

  10. interesting mix replay Stew. nice though….. thanks for sharing and best from Hong Kong

  11. How did two Mongolian gals and a Kiwi happen to be in S.A.? What was the reasoning for two Mongolian gals wanting to sail the oceans? Especially coming from a landlocked country.

  12. Fair winds and following seas!

  13. Great channel sir .. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Having fine weather when you leave is surely a good omen for a safe journey. Having fine weather when you arrive is a more reliable omen, though.

  15. Dear Valued Patrons, Subscribers and Viewers – if you have already watched the previous version of this video then please note that there is no significant change in the UPDATED version. Just one measly copyright track in the previous version needed to be lanced. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. If it is your FIRST TIME watching Luckyfish, please give us a Like, Sub and share this link to help our channel, Thank you! Capt Stew, Zaya and Tuya…


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