Sailing Yacht

22′ Sailboat Refit – Epoxying in Bulkheads – Adventures of NeonSwell – Ep. 4

Adding supports for the bow of the boat with front bulkheads and port/starboard bulkheads.

Footage from November-December 2017.

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  1. Try not to lay the thickened epoxy under the 1708 . First fill in any gaps with thickened epoxy first let harden then sand. Then lay on the 1708. Lay a sheet of plastic down put your piece of fiberglass down and soak it in your resin Then coat the area your going to lay the fiberglass on then lay the resin soaked piece of fiberglass on the area, Then dab all the bubbles out with a throw away brush. Try using the back of a table spoon to really make a nice concave curve when laying your thickened epoxy on joints that way your fiberglass will lay down nice. Like your video !!!

  2. Putting the thickened epoxy in a Ziploc bag with one of the corners cut off will allow you to pipe it along seams at any angle with one hand. You can then go over the bead with a tongue depressor/Popsicle stick to smooth it out and give it a nice even, contoured edge. Good luck with the rest of the refit.

  3. Go ahead and add narration voiceover or record your audio. Subtitles are OK but real audio is much better. I'm looking for a 22 to 25 foot boat but don't want a compete rebuild like yours. I'm looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Just subscribed.

  4. Its much easier to make neat fillets if you use disposable plastic spoons. Create the fillet with the back of the spoon. Avoids too much sanding.


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