Sailing Yacht

Restoring a Sailboat: Replacing the transom frame (Sailing Wanderlust) Ep 10

After a quick clean, we finally get into replacing the transom support frames with some solid marine wood. The sailboat is starting to take shape.

Tony & Arvin

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PS. This is the beginning of our journey and we plan to go from sailboat restoration, learning to sail and then sailing the world. Our Videos are designed to give you a glimpse into our life, share the ups and downs of sailboat restoration, the adventures we experience, and inspire you to DREAM BIG, NEVER GIVE UP and achieve your hearts desire!

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Evan Schaeffer – SMOKE

Thank you for being part of our adventures, sharing your knowledge, and joining us on our journey.

Much Love
Tony & Arvin



  1. you need to remove those rings when you are working, nasty chemicals like sugar soap and epoxy need treating with care, so use gloves all the time, otherwise you will regret it over time

  2. I really admire the way you keep going on your project! You both are pretty awesome, and you're doing a great job! Keep it up!
    Looking forward to following your progress! Regards from Norway!

  3. You two are making great progress. Don't be discouraged. You are going faster than i expected. A couple of things. Don't drop that Ryobi drill. They usually wobble out of the box and if you drop it it will bend when the chuck meets the body. Buy a set of drill/countersinks. You will use them a million times. Wear gloves! Remove all jewellery. I mean ALL Braid your hair and put it up under a cap. Even for washing and painting. If you don't sooner or later you will get nasty rashes or worse, way worse. Have fun doing the rebuild.

  4. Terrific work thus far you two! You guys make a wonderful team.


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