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How Toilets work on Boats and Yachts.

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The on-board toilet is a special toilet inside of the aircraft, ships, boats, yachts, trains and space ships.

In the beginning, open toilets were used on boats and in the trains. The waste was dumped into the environment. It was bad. Very bad for nature and for the people on the boat. Today the closed toilet systems are used. The modern toilets on the boat have a special container for the waste. This container can be cleaned in the port. The chemicals and waste products are kept inside of this container. Nature is protected. Sailing ships and small yachts do use and open toilet with a pump. Such toilets do pump the water from the the toilet into the sea. It is bad and good. It is bad to put soap into the sea, but everybody does it. The technology is not ready. People need to have better toilet systems on boats.

There are different toilet systems. The passengers of the sailing boat can select the best toilet for them. The traditional toilets do flush the waste into the sea. The modern toilet systems flush the waste into a special container for waste. The traditional toilets can lead to a failure of the pipes. Water from the sea can come into the boat, if the pump of the toilet is broken.

The pump of the toilet is helping to separate the sea from the water in the toilet. There is a switch between the sea and the toilet. The pump can move the waste from the toilet into the container. The pump can open the pipe into the sea and remove the waste from the container into the sea. It is prohibited to use the open toilet in the port, but people still do it. The international law does prohibit the disposal of waste into the sea, if the boat is less than 23 km away form the coast. People do dispose the waste from the toilet into the sea. Nobody cares about this law.

Sewage and feces must be collected in a special container and can not be disposed in the seas. The discharge of dirty water is prohibited. And the people do not care. Sailors throw away their trash and dirt into the sea, because they think that the sea is infinite and can accommodate their dirt. Also, because nobody is watching the sailors in the sea.

Many marine toilet systems have a hand pump that can use the sea water for flushing of the toilet. The sewage is directly pumped into the sea. In such marine toilets, a manual valve must be is switched between “flushing and disposal”. It is not possible to pump out the sewage in a direct way, because the water from the sea would flow inside of the toilet. Paper can lead to the blockage of the toilet on the boats. Then the people on the boat will use buckets for their toilet. In the past the people did that, because there were no toilets. Only the captain had a toilet on his ship.

Ships on the rivers and lakes can not pump the sewage into the water. Such boats and ships do have a special sanitary container that can be cleaned in the port or any connection to the public sewage system on the land. The law is very strict for all boats that sail on rivers and lakes.

The sanitary container can create a problem for the boat, if there is no space for the container. The designers of the boats do not care about the sewage container, when they create the drawings of the boats. Sometimes the sanitary tank is installed on top of the boat, because there is no room inside of the boat.

The expensive yachts have a vacuum toilet. A vacuum toilet does reduce the need for water, which will reduce the size of the sewage container by 80%. Rich people with large boats are often more capable to protect the sea against the sewage pollution.

There also special toilets that can separate the urine from the feces. The urine is flowing into a separate container or into the sea. The solid waste is inside another container. Such systems with separate containers for liquid and solid waste are more efficient. The human waste can have up to 80% of water. The container for dry waste can hold more sewage, if the liquid waste is disposed into the sea, without the solid waste. Some countries do allow urine in the sea, other countries do not. The disposal of solid sewage is prohibited, but the urine can be pumped into the sea. It would be nice it all boats and ships could have a vacuum toilet, then the environment would be much cleaner and the people would be happy.

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