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János Oláh And His Magic Violin – Dear Brigitte

Born 1985 in Hungary into a family of three generations of highly
successful musicians. His grandmother already played the violin
and his father was member of the Budapest Radio Orchestra as double
bassist and dulcimer player.
But it was the mother of the little boy János
who recognized her son’s exceptional talent and enrolled him in the Antal
Molnar Music High School at the tender age of 7
Later on he continued his studies at the prestigious Béla Bartók Conservatory.
.Numerous engagements in Budapest with my own band were
followed by invitations to luxury Hotels and clubs
in the South-East Asian region (Asia) including the
Singapore Yacht Club, Raffles, The Pines, Mandarin Oriental etc.
Aboard 8 different cruise ships operated by one of the major shipping
companies offered me an opportunity of further refining my
professional skills in entertaining an international audience.
On tours taking several month my challenge was to play to suit the host
country’s musical taste while complying with national musical standards
of the particular guest whenever I played on demand.
That challenge was overcome with ease regardless of the type of
music in question ( classical, operetta or world music ) playing a
captivating style and performing with perfect originality.
I would love to share my music with a wide audience over a variety of
channels including television, radio, etc. offering an unforgettable
experience to all violin fans..


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