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MSC Seaside Cruise Vlog 8 Ouch! That HURT | Ocho Rios, Jamaica!

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  1. Nice video Favor, glad Robert was okay, that is painful. Yep, the insurance is very important to have, when on a cruise. Beautiful ship.

  2. Why are there always haters. Grrr.. saw you on Sea cruisers, I subscribed today hopefully to get you closer to 1000. I have some catching up to do on watching your videos!

  3. The Sea Cruisers had you guys in their videos but you don't even put them on yours? What the heck!

  4. I’m curious as to what your husband meant by gotta be “special” with regards to the Yacht Club. If you can afford it; book it. I did. I don’t consider myself special. I consider myself lucky that I can save for a cabin like this. Just thought that remark was a lil snarky!

  5. No horseback riding? 😬 Ha! Ha! 🏇

  6. We skipped not only formal night but the dining room on the last two cruises. Life is too short.

  7. I am not watching any more of your videos: this is due to you not allowing us to hear the music (with the BS copy right crap), your the only ones on youtube that do this, thus your videos suffer!

  8. I’m still enjoying all these vlogs. Love all the info. 🌺

  9. We were on this same cruise. We were on a shore excursion in Grand Cayman with a fella that had his hand bandaged up, as well. He said that it cost them $250 and they have the insurance, but they had to pay it out of their pocket, and then go after the insurance company to reimburse them back. Apparently, he was coming in the door from the promenade deck on deck 8 at the Marketplace, and the door slammed shut on his hand, resulting in 5 stitches. We had previously came through the same door earlier that day and the door slammed shut, and there was no wind. I remember my husband saying "that thing is going to hurt someone." We've been on many cruises, on many windy weathered days, and have never seen a door do this before. Usually, when it's windy, you can't get the door open. This was just the opposite with no wind.

  10. Oh my! Well their attention and concern about his finger was impressive! Glad it wasn't a worse injury. Its nice to hear something good about Seaside.

  11. Hey Guys! Really enjoying Your Vlogs. Looking forward to the next one. x

  12. You’re doing a really great job with your vlogs. The consideration you show for each other is really heart warming.


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