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Buy a 30ft Boat & Cross the Pacific for less than 13k, They Did! – Sailing Nandji, Ep 68

We interview the young German captain and his crew onboard the 30ft sailboat Fara. He bought a vessel for 5.5k and sailed across the Pacific ocean.

In this episode of Sailing Nandji, we decided to put the Captain and crew of Fara behind the lens and hear their very inspirational story. We first met these guys in Honiara over Christmas. We then cruised through the Florida islands, Russel islands and into the Western PRovince of the Solomon Islands together. The German Captain Manual share his story of first purchasing Fara, the costs involved to get the vessel Blue water ready and then sail across an ocean with a Mexican lady Raquel. She then tells her side of the story from not having any experience to now living on board Fara for 8 months. Then meet the French man who has joined the journey to finish off this epic adventure from mainland Mexico to South East Asia. A beautiful story of culture and travel with all the challenges of living on a small boat in a big ocean. If you want to know how to sail on a tight budget, then these guys can tell you how!!

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  1. Nother great post from the King and Queen of the Frothians and Froth community!…Hey, I'm having trouble with the : "Nandji has entered the world of Trading" links, btc & etc & ltc…they don't link.

  2. Great stories of adventure… love it!

  3. Nice interview, thx a lot!
    Cool people on Fara, funny accents!

  4. Morning Nandji,
    I commented last week that it's nice to you guys traveling off the beaten path ( non touristy ) areas , " Real places " meeting up with the locals …I think the difference between a Real place and a Touristy place ( for the most part ) is whether you, are jumping in your dingy to go see them , or they , are in their boats coming out to see you .
    I guess a simpler way to measure it ….Not a STARBUCKS for a thousand miles … 🙂

    And of course , meeting up with like-minded people as yourselves .

    Yosh , as one of the other commenters, poainted out , good interviewing skills … although , I have to admit to being quite concerned about the precarious placement of that large toolbox ( over Manuel's right shoulder ) ….right up until that ( Duh ! ) moment when I clued into the realization that it's the BBQ . 🙂

    Interesting stories from Manuel , ? , and Loui .
    Power to them , but I don't think I could handle that big of an ocean on that small/age of a boat .
    But , then , look what wonderful people that they have met up with .

    As always looking forward to the next one

    Bob from Calgary

  5. You are my fave!

  6. After hearing the Spec's of Fara, wondered about Nandji , whats here spec's, length, beam, etc, etc, :0)

  7. fantastic Folks, great stores of dreams being fulfilled , fears being challenged and of personal growth and development. Congratulations,, Excellent Episode . thank you ., Happy Valentines day! :0) ,,, Bob.

  8. is this your video or what

  9. Excellent!

  10. Best interview I've ever seen… Thanks mate

  11. Excellent interview, Yosh and Bonita!

  12. Love it!! More evidence that we can do it!! Thank you so much for sharing this. So many videos out there with "million dollar " yachts can be discouraging to us more financially limited skippers! Love these more Earthy experiences. I am grateful for all you do and what you have to teach.
    Cheers to you wonderful people! Rrrrrrrrr!

  13. Yep, Don't need a big one. Just need a good one.

  14. Great interview. Inspirational and motivating. Gotta get back to my 30' yawl refit.

  15. Wonderful interview. You guys rock!

  16. The girl here i have been looking for the past 30 years. They dont really exhist. But here she is.
    Obviously there are beautifull girls crossing oceans here on youtube. Bonita is proof and my favorite. I like all the girls but i think bonita is very sweet. U are a lucky man yosh

  17. taking a sailboat to Vietnam is just about impossible, they don't let them in…Great interview, top notch!

  18. Very nice interviews, I really enjoyed that for a change. Thanks for sharing!

  19. Love the interview. Forget about the others, just live your own dream!

  20. great interview…sv strayfish (brisbane)

  21. Hey you two guys, that episode was absolutely brilliant and the mixture of the three cultures with three happy people gives the world a kick up the backside and says, "this is why were all here on this planet"…….. Good luck to them for their futures and a special thanks to you two gorgeous guys and safe travels……. 👍 🤗


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