Sailing Yacht

Learn to sail using the tell tales

As part of NauticEd’s learn to sail courses, this video is embeded into the sail trim course at our website. Watch the tell tales on a sail as the sailboat maneuvers in the wind. We then animate a boat so that you can see how the boat is presented to the wind and as the tell tales change behavior you can see the animated boat changing its direction. This accurately shows how you can use the tell tales when sail trimming. Watch this if you’re learning how to sail.



  1. Thanks Nautic7. This will be great for our keelboat level 1 & 2 students on Morecambe Bay.

  2. Thanks for that – you might also take a look at our interactive iBook on iTunes iBook store titled "Your First Weekend in Dinghy Sailing" or go to our page that will also help.

  3. A very nice and simply explained video of how tell tales work. Nice work!


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