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Wells to Brightlingsea Yacht Delivery – Part 2 to Brightlingsea

Sailing the MFV ‘Stephanie Joyce’ , an IP23 class, from Wells Next The Sea, Norfolk to Brightlingsea, Essex. After stopping in Lowestoft to let Hurricane Christian blow through we set off on 4th November 2013 in fresh conditions before the next storm was due.
This clip was published on my old Youtube account ‘smacksman’ which became unusable due to my then email account shutting down. I am now uploading my old vids to my ‘smacksman1’ channel .
Part 1 is here –


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  1. Well done, i,m an english commercial fisherman on the north east coast, ive been looking to buy an ip23 but its in the hebrides, i may just steam it home instead of putting it on a wagon after watching this! How did you rate its performance? Cheers.


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