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Episode 12 Breakdown! The Sail Falls OFF, The Motor Will never Start off. (Oh Sail Indeed)

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Highway Wildflowers
Galactic Damages (3:05)
So Lost (four:twenty)
Fireplace Song (twenty:thirteen)
Hero Down (27:07)

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  1. Is it just me or is it the "trainwreck" possibility (inevitability) that keeps me watching? Does that make me a bad person?

  2. 5-watt handheld don't cut it. Using a HF SSB or 60 Watt marine radio with VHF Marine antenna on the mast would cover the 30 mile distant easy, Using Sailmail or Winlink Express and HF radio. Messages could have been sent out via radio email

  3. Someone else has to grab the camera and include the mystery mother in the picture… Don't be shy.

  4. I appreciate that you suffered a highly stressful experience but, as a former marine rescue skipper, I think you should be rebuked for your actions here.
    Firslty, the innapropriate use of the Mayday call. You were not in immidiate danger, period.

    When you activate a mayday, the dollar-counter starts spinning. This is met by several govenment agencies as well as all of the boat skippers who drop everything to attend to saving your life. Soetimes commercial aircraft are diverted into the search area.
    Also, a genuine mayday that occurred after your event would not recieve the resources that they might need to actually save lives. While you were all fine and warm and dry, they might have been dying.
    Then, when the other vessels actually organised a tow on your behalf, you declined it on the grounds of cost! You could have paid, then subsequently claimed rembursement from your insurer. But either way, this was soleley your responsibility.
    Jabulani, in responding to your inappropriate mayday – burned up a great deal of fuel to get to you and lots more fuel to tow you. They must have spend hundreds of dollars on this rescue, if not more – did you reimburse them?
    Are this wasn't a bona-fide mayday, the Skipper of the Jabulani could be entitled to claim salvage against you.
    Did you think of cutting the anchor ? You should carry spare anchors. This is not an option, it is a requirement.
    If you go out to sea in a yacht, you should carry a stormsail that, in this instance, could have replaced the foresail. However you could have sailed with the main alone.
    If you had a proper VHF or UHF radio you would have reached a wider range for your pan-pan. Five nautical mile is the most you can get with a 1 watt hand-held, twenty-five NM or more with a 25 watt base unit and longer still if the ariel was mounted to the top of your mast.
    There are far too many incidence of poor seamanship, poor decision making and under-funding in this event.
    I wish you well, but in order to stop being a danger to yourselves and a liability for others, I think you need to go back to basics and review your setup.
    Good luck out there.

  5. Given handheld VHF is limited to 5w TX power and your main VHF is 25w TX power, I am curious to know why the use of the handheld? (range limit about 5-8 nm)

    Brave to put this issue out there but glad to see all is now well.

  6. sorry for your mishap.  So your windlass didn't work.  You lost a sail.  What happened to your mainsail?  What about the rear sail?  I suspect that your other sails are broken.  Please don't say that you went to sailing without checking and having operational sails?   What was the issue with your engine?  When was the last time you serviced it?

  7. Guys awaresome adventure. I was very exciting about all of you while watching vid. It's very interesting to know Patrick opinion about what was wrong at this situation as a skipper of your boat. Thank's a lot for such beautiful video story! I'm your fan 😉

  8. Did you guys consider sailing with the main alone?

  9. The Next internet stars, dream on losers

  10. why didn't you use the mainsail or did I miss that part?

  11. Time to sell the boat that you can't afford.

  12. Great job staying calm in a tense situation. Nobody got hurt, and the boating community came through brilliantly. Thanks for taking the time to document your adventures and sharing them with us.

  13. Oh sail yes……. Mariners….. stick together….. ! I'm glad all is well. Stay safe!

  14. my song

    o my

  15. Bummer….. Just a question – is the boat a Cross 46?

  16. I almost feel bad pushing " like" on this video. A little to dramatic to actually to be enjoyed. Anyhow your are on my my top 5 cruising vlog togheter with " sv delos" " sohappytogheter" " ricky moore" "SV sailing Prism" Your are a fantastic odd family. Thank you for sharing.
    Love from Norway

  17. so dramatic- glad it worked out

  18. Love seeing other cruisers come to the rescue!

  19. Why did the sail fail?

  20. Why did you not use a rope with a hook (which can hook into or onto the anchor chain) and a winch to haul the anchor?

  21. Female with a boat named Rat Catcher , hehehe


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