Sailing Yacht

two cyl Marstal Sail Boat Engine.

Jim was specified a new motor project. It is this two cylinder, Marstal, sailboat motor.

This will be a managing display motor and never be below a load. It was assumed to be a managing motor just before it came to Mystic Seaport’s Maritime Engine Assortment. That mentioned, a total tear down was considered pointless. Just a cleanup and put on some lacking pieces from pieces engines.

Very well that would be far too uncomplicated.

Before this morning it would not start. When we fulfilled for lunch, Jim told us the problem. There was no compression. There were being no piston rings on the pistons. Insert to that, the connecting rod nuts were being only hand tight.

It truly is a very simple motor so a tear down didn’t consider extensive and that uncovered the problem.

Just after lunch, rings were being scavenged from a pieces motor and it all went again collectively.

Now it begins uncomplicated.


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