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Fairline celebrates its fiftieth anniversary in Mallorca

British luxury boat builder, Fairline Yachts, celebrated its fiftieth anniversary in design and style with a breathtaking owners’ party held at Port de Sóller in Mallorca, in the Balearic Islands, Spain.


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  1. Oh Fairline, you've been through so much but this is the best you can do to 'celebrate' 50 years? You begin with some royalty free music, more commonly used for a good while now now by SIMRAD – so you my be mistaken this was a some kind of 'tie in' with SIMRAD.

    Th wide shot of all the different boats heading towards the airborne camera – good until you see how out of line so many of them are, but we find the reason later they are existing Fairline owners asked to come along to a do with some free wine, music and a BBQ.

    Why are you not embracing social media more? Where is the decent production in your video's, where is the hunger to embrace new markets and demographics to your product? You might not be as big and 'rich' as you were in the past, but it does not stop small fish punching above their weight in this crowded marketplace – if it really is about every. perfect. detail. then showcase it, make people sit back and go 'wow' and gt their pulse racing, smile and even if they have not the funds to purchase one of your boats, to dream, aspire and wish to…


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