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M/Y Seven J’S

Seven J’S is an extraordinary yacht with very long range that was designed for prolonged cruising in all disorders. She has a great inside designed by Tom String, exterior styling and inside format by Delta Marine. Crafted to perfection in all respects and has lodging for up to 12 friends. A unusual possibility to purchase an extremely-superior top quality yacht with spectacular spaces, attractive strains and greatest specs.



  1. I'm sorry but I couldn't live with no helicopter. As if Seven J's would have a helicopter hanger if it had a helicopter which painfully it does not. And only four stools at the bar? The Seven J's should have seven stools at the bar no? Please. Are we in Englewood? I'd also prefer three hallways below, two is very confining and would make me claustrophobic. Nice try Sevel J's, it's just not going to cut it.
    (That is the most beautiful boat I have ever seen in my life 😉

  2. $??

  3. Lindíssimo!

  4. Absolutely Beautiful !!

  5. Steel or composite?

  6. Is it Sharknado proof…..that's all that matters…


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