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Exclusive Yacht Tour: 2018 Ocean Alexander 70e at the Tampa Boat Present

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We under no circumstances get more than the thrill of a new discovery. When our designers bring this quite a few fascinating innovations to a new create, it’s a heady practical experience for us all. They’ve accomplished a masterful job producing a boat with astonishing power, actually astonishing luxury and advanced style — without sacrificing legendary Ocean Alexander security, basic safety and fine engineering. What we have achieved in our larger sized megayachts now finds a location in the 70 Evolution.

The 70 Evolution is for enjoyment seekers who nevertheless think a stunning vessel ought to nevertheless satisfy the highest general performance expectations. Like us, they assume a yacht under 100 feet to deliver megayacht comforts.

This marks a new period in Ocean Alexander’s lineup. From our new, impressively equipped stateside manufacturing facility to the pace you will be ready to achieve on a lot less gasoline, the 70 Evolution will present you at each and every turn that evolution is the way to go.

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  1. You guys need to put the price in the description below . I really like the 2018 Galeon 640 fly with the expansion side decks and walk through center windshield to the bow . That yacht goes for $2.2 million . If you can beat that price then I'll consider taking a second look at the OA e .

  2. at 5:24 you can see that the metal is already rusting and/or needs some cleaning….not a good first impression

  3. How many times did he say, "really nice" during his presentation?

  4. Impressive! Great layout.


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