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stormworks | swiftest workshop boat?

Today I am back again in stormworks screening out some workshop objects to see which a person is the swiftest. I have 4 contenders that I tested out.

one-way links:

Channel Artwork: and



  1. The Rifter is quite impressive with its stability control system, however the speed display on it is actually misleading. After studying the logic on this boat I can confirm that it takes the linear sensor output and multiplies it by 3.6 before displaying it. So its actually only doing around 25-35 in the units that all the other boats are being measured in.

    Don't think the creator is trying to mislead anyone but they appear to have decided that the raw reading from the linear speed sensor is in metres per second and have multiplied it by 3.6 to convert it to kilometres per hour.

  2. Nice new outro


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