Our RUDDER FAILURE! – Lazy Gecko Sailing VLOG 173

We’re on the hard just to get a few easy items taken care of when we get some very bad and unexpected news! Come see what it’s like going from “no repairs needed” to “MAJOR REPAIRS NEEDED”! See more below! Server: Visit our private server at Patreon: Become a[…]

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She's P.H.A.T! – Lazy Gecko Sailing VLOG 176

Welcome to Season 8! We’re finished with the boat work and it’s time to get wet! I show you how I cool off when it’s crazy hot and we get into a little maintenance! Boys, this one is fun and also informative for your ladies if you’d like to get[…]

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Top 5 Sailing Fails

Sailing certainly isn’t an easy activity. Here’s our list of the top five sailing fails. Several segments are licensed under Creative Commons (CC) Loosailingclub (CC) The Top Fives channel brings you informational and entertaining top five videos from around the world. Join us and subscribe for more. Follow us on[…]

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TRAPPED on a Boat – Indian Ocean Ep.76

Not allowed to set foot on shore, unwelcome in any port, we are trapped onboard our 37ft yacht. We are kept in almost constant motion from port to port as we hunt for somewhere that we can stop for provisions and even just a walk ashore. Anxious times onboard Florence.[…]

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Abramovich's Yacht Features Missile Defense, Submarine

April 20 (Bloomberg) — Bloomberg’s Philipp Encz reports on Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich’s new yacht, Eclipse. The biggest private yacht in the world, measuring nearly 560 feet long, is said to feature a missile defense system, an anti-paparazzi laser shield and at least one mini-submarine. source

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